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Mold Removal Experts

Mold removal is necessary whenever it becomes present to some areas of the house. Any types of mold can be a health threat to you and your family; that is why, addressing this issue to a mold remediation company is very essential. In case you are living in San Jose area, SJ Restoration is available to help you remove the molds identified. The mold removal team in SJ Restoration is highly trained, skilled, and certified by the IICRC. They have an in-depth knowledge and experience in removing any types of mold; plus, they have the best equipments to eradicate it excellently and efficiently. The mold removal services in SJ Restoration are one of the best and we guarantee that your property will be totally free from toxic molds.

Why Choose Us?

Our mold removal services are encompassing, comprehensive and 100% worthwhile. We work together with environmental hygienists as well as laboratories in order to accurately diagnose and protect the household from potentially dangerous mold conditions. Using the most advanced tools and equipments, our mold removal professionals will first assess the severity of the problem and work carefully to restore the area to its normal setting. Once the area is restored, our professional technicians will then shift to mold odor removal.

We will apply different deodorization techniques which will leave your household fully restored. Our people are trained and always ready to meet any challenges with professionalism, compassion, reliability and respect. We recognize the presence of mold not just to damage the properties but as a threat to the human health. Thus, it is our goal to remove this hazard without the hassles to the occupants. Our aim is not just to exceed the expectations of our customers but also to make them feel that their health and personal properties are worth to rescue.

Take some time to consider!

We clearly understand your need; that is why, we provide a thorough and complete estimate of our services including the photos of our technicians who will be working for your safety. We are fully committed in providing the best mold removal services to our customers. Hence, you can always expect an effective and ongoing communication from us.

SJ Restoration has been operating for quite a while and we have created a good reputation among our past customers. If you want to protect your family from dangerous mold situations, call us right away and we will be there to help.



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