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Water Damage Restoration

Residential homes and commercial properties can experience sudden water damage from broken pipes or unexpected floods. If this is not properly dealt with, the damage can create a major problem to the homeowners including the business operations of these commercial buildings. It can impose a serious threat to the occupants, especially when the damage is severe and repairs and replacements are costly. This is the reason why water damage should be promptly addressed by the best restoration services possible in order to fix the interruption and provide a peaceful home to the family.

SJ Restoration: The Best Water Damage Restoration Provider

Whenever your home or commercial building is threatened by flooding or leaks, SJ Restoration can be the most reliable company to approach with. We have the best professional technicians who are expert in preventing and mitigating the devastating effects of water damage. We also have the most advanced tools and equipments, necessary for restoring and preserving your property. So you do not have to worry on how to fix the water damages because SJ Restoration comes with a complete package.

How the Process is Done

Once you call SJ Restoration, our professional technicians will immediately assess the condition of your home or commercial building in order to determine the necessary actions for it. We will bring the best extraction equipments to physically remove the freestanding water and extract it from your upholstery, padding and carpet. Or course, we will also use the professional grade drying as well as dehumidifying equipments needed to completely dry the wet areas and bring back the humidity levels of your home or commercial building to normal. We have special instruments that can be used to know the hidden pockets of water so moisture or molds are least likely to exist.

We, at SJ Restoration, applies the right water extraction and drying techniques to help minimize the secondary damages that homeowners and commercial building owners would not like to happen. We will not just apply the best water damage restoration services but we also monitor the drying process every day to ensure that the property is completely restored.  We even work with your insurance agent in case your home or commercial building is insured in this kind of damages.

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