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SJ Restoration: About Us

Just like any other city, the city of San Jose, CA needs a restoration team for water damage repair. SJ Restoration provides such services including repair, treatment, restoration, and removal of water in homes. We are always available to San Jose residents who may need help in an emergency or who are in need of someone to trust to get things back under control when a water disaster has occurred. Each of our professional technicians is certified, insured, educated, and experienced in water damage restoration, which enables us to serve you and your needs first. Our joy is to serve you by restoring your home to the order you desire.

Some of the services provided by our technicians are these listed below:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Water removal and water extraction
  • Water damage repair
  • Mold removal and mold treatment
  • Mold inspection

Mold Treatment

While San Jose water damage restoration and water extraction are extremely important for any home water emergency, mold is often the greater danger. When wood, drywall, or insulation are not completely dried out with industrial strength equipment after a house flood, mold may grow in the home. Due to the humidity here in San Jose, mold is common and may grow quickly. Not only will it damage the structure of the home but it will also cause sickness for those living there in the home. The growth of mold is a health hazard, resulting in flu-like symptoms or worse for unfortunate victims. Therefore, we take care to inspect homes thoroughly for mold whenever there’s a risk, and especially after there’s been a house flood. In the inspection, we’ll determine the kind of mold and what appears to have caused it, allowing for optimal treatment and any necessary precautions that can be taken to prevent regrowth.


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