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Dry Out and Repairs

When a building suffers water damage it is essential that adequate dry out and repairs begin as soon as possible. The reason for the rush is that the longer water and humidity are allowed to remain the greater the scale … Read more

Sewage Damage Cleanup

It’s easy for homes to become like an old shoe, worn and loved, but not super well cared for. But if you’re not paying enough attention to the kind of care your home needs, then you could wake up one … Read more

Flood Damage

Flash floods – or floods of any kind – are never welcome. They come as they please. Sometimes it’s a matter of Mother Nature deciding she wanted to unleash a storm. Other times it’s a matter of a broken pipe … Read more

Storm Damage

The effects of natural disasters are often traumatic, stressful and challenging. Fortunately, we have SJ Restoration to repair and restore your property when a storm damage is experienced. Why Choose SJ Restoration? There are actually a number of reasons why … Read more

Water Damage Repair

Water damage is a serious situation for any homeowner. Depending on the extent and location of the flood or moisture, you could be dealing with irreparable structural damage or damage to the foundation of the home. When you’ve got a … Read more

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