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Why to treat a wet basement?

A wet basement is an issue faced by a lot of householders. A wet basement may be a result of a various different factors: equipment adjacent to the house, structural shifting, cracks in the basement walls caused by, i.e., tree routes, and a variety of different factors which might enable water to penetrate the basement. The backfill around the basement walls may both absorb and retain rain or irrigation water, which can seep through any cracks and openings. The location of the basement’s underground probably makes it even more vulnerable to excessive rain, water runoff and leaky damaged pipes.

Despite of the possible reasons for a wet basement, there is a danger existing in a wet basement.

What can be so dangerous about wet basements?

Some of the variable dangers followed by a wet basement include:

  • Insect infestation may be encouraged. Bugs are to be attracted to dark, damp basement spaces (and may also be even more so in places where there are a lot of gaps and cracks). The insects can not only reach other areas of your house, which is definitely unpleasant, but might also sometimes cause damage to the walls or foundation of your space.
  • Indoor air quality decrease. Having a wet basement may create a space where mold and bacteria are very likely to thrive. The bacteria, spores and mildew will easily spread throughout the whole entire place, which will force you, in addition to your family members, to breathe some of this filthy air. The issue has become even bigger, due to the fact that the polluted air can escape nowhere and thus keeps re-circulating within the place again and again.
  • Possible harm to the structural foundation of your home. A wet basement may cause your basement’s walls to begin losing their wholeness. The more leaks and cracks left in the place and the more exposed is the basement to water, the worse the problem can get. Conclusively, it is much better to deal with the wet basement problem much before the problem becomes nearly unsolvable.

Luckily enough, there are various solutions to treat a wet basement problem, including exterior water proofing solutions, polyurethane crack injection and French drains. The most suitable solution depends both on the extent of your water problems and your budget.

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