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Client Testimonials in San Jose

After weeks of sunshine followed by heavy downpour, I had no idea that the rain would be bringing so much debris and dirt in my pipes. My house isn’t even that old, so I didn’t bother checking it. I didn’t even know I was having a mold problem until my kitchen just started to get really smelly and messed up, and we started having all these drainage problems. Then I remembered a friend of mine telling me one time over barbecue that he had had the exact same problem and mentioned the guys that helped him fix it at such a short amount of time and really affordable price as well. Only I didn’t remember what the name of the company was. So I called him up, asked for the company’s number, and called them up. I explained to them my situation and in a few minutes SJ Restoration came over to my house with a team of people that started removing the mold in my pipes and fixing just about every pipe issue I didn’t even know was there in the first place.  I am recommending them to my friends from now on. I was beyond amazed, they’re simply the best.”

David Brown, San Jose


“I’ve never seen more dedicated repair and house service people like those working for SJ Restoration. I’d recently just found out that my pipes were busted and filled with stagnant rainwater, dead leaves and even small animals. Until I called them up right away to fix this problem (as I had three little kids who could easily get sick from infection), I didn’t even know that mold had started to form in a lot of my pipes, which alarmed me. I called them and had the pipes replaced at such an affordable price I couldn’t believe it! The people who came to my house were very nice and accommodating, and mentioned tons of suggestions to keep the mold from ever forming again. They came on time and did the job really quickly, but clearly explained to me step by step what they were going to do, so I don’t feel like they rushed the work at all. They had all the necessary equipment when they came and found out right away where the main mold formation was. They were just that good, and I’m thankful that I called them first. I am definitely recommending SJ Restoration to my friends and neighbors.”


Taylor Cole , San Jose


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