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Dry Out and Repairs Service

When a building suffers water damage it is essential that adequate dry out and repairs begin as soon as possible. The reason for the rush is that the longer water and humidity are allowed to remain the greater the scale of damage becomes.

At SJ-Restoration we realize how important a quick response and efficient remediation operations are. We have earned a name for ourselves as suppliers of top quality restoration services to San Jose’s residents and business owners, among these services is our professional dry out and repairs service which is designed to return your property to pre water damage condition as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

We Come Prepared

At SJ-Restoration we get right down to business. A team of water damage restoration experts will be sent over as soon as your call on us for help, they will bring with them the necessary equipment to start dry out and repairs right after they take a quick but comprehensive survey, lay out a plan of action and give you a highly competitive quote.

With restoration efforts already under way we will organize a second party of techs and equipment according to what our first team reports.
By working quickly and efficiently we can contain the damage and enable total remediation within shorter time frames and at lower costs.

We are well versed in all that’s associated with insurance claims and will supply you with photographs and professionally drafted reports which will make it easy for you to claim adequate compensation.

Method of Operation

Although each and every water damage case is unique there is a general MO that governs dry out and repairs. Operations will begin with ensuring safety, things like making sure power is disconnected, absence of hazardous materials etc. The water will be pumped out and the rest vacuumed away using powerful industrial wet vacuums. Once all free water had been gotten rid of moisture will be dried out through use of large fans allowing excessive ventilation. All items and materials which must be removed, either for salvaging separately or for disposal, will be packed and taken away.
Finally, once everything is high and dry, repair of structural and decor damage will commence and end only when your property has been fully restored to its pre water damage state, no humidity will be allowed to remain so that there will be no danger of mold infestations.



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