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SJ Restoration San Jose Flood Damage Services

Flash floods – or floods of any kind – are never welcome. They come as they please. Sometimes it’s a matter of Mother Nature deciding she wanted to unleash a storm. Other times it’s a matter of a broken pipe in your basement. Sometimes you just forgot you left the water running… But when it happens, it happens, and there’s a flood in your home. Floods can leave significant damage behind them when they eventually dry up, so it’s important to contact SJ Restoration right away for San Jose flood damage when you notice that there is a problem. Only through immediate action on your part can we be given the chance to save your home from permanent damages.

Working with You

Your flood may be meager or it may be large, and your home may be new or very old. Whatever the case, we will personally assess it carefully to determine the extent of the damage. This includes a thorough inspection of not only the affected room but any adjacent rooms that may also be affected. This is to assure you as the homeowner that we have assessed the whole situation and have dealt with any and all areas that need restoring.

Dealing with Water Damage

Flood damage is water damage, which can significantly hurt the home. First of all, the water will seep into the carpeting and walls, soaking into the fibers of the carpet and into the drywall and insulation. Eventually it’ll damage the wood, hurting the structure of the home. So it’s important when this happens for us to immediately focus on drying out the home. We bring in industrial equipment, fans, dehumidifiers, and more to suck all the moisture out of the room and dry it out sufficiently so that the water does not lead to other problems like mold.

Dealing with Mold Damage

Mold damage is an unpleasant aftershock of flood damage. It doesn’t always occur, but if the flood damage and water isn’t properly dealt with by professionals, it will most likely happen. Mold grows where there is collected moisture and dirt, which are both natural byproducts of floodwater. You could think that you thoroughly dried up the floor after a flood – maybe there was no carpet and so you thought your linoleum was fine – but there will more than likely be mold growing somewhere out of sight. Mold is usually unnoticeable until it has become a significant problem of air quality and respiratory health. It can cause serious sicknesses. This is where we will come in right after a flood and inspect for mold, removing and replacing anything necessary. We’ll bleach the whole surface area and any affected areas to make sure that the mold is completely removed and the home sanitized.

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